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Thunder Bay is notorious for unpredictable weather. This lovely family was limited time-wise due to dad’s busy work schedule, and baby number 2’s quickly arriving due date. We took advantage of the beautiful sunshine to sneak in a session at the park. The wind was strong, there were some watery eyes and runny noses, but this family was so much fun to spend time with that I barely noticed the weather.

When mom contacted me, she told me that she really wanted to some photos of them as a family before baby arrives (and we all know that with a new baby comes not only tons more love, but some chaos and sleepless nights too!).  I giggled a bit at her description of their son, and her concern about him participating. I have met children of all temperaments and activity levels, and some love getting their photo taken, and others….not so much 😉  This little guy did a wonderful job.  He didn’t shed a single tear. He didn’t fuss. He also didn’t stop moving for more than 5 seconds lol, but he’s so stinking cute!  He does this sticking out the tongue thing that my little guy used to do, and spending time with him made me long for the days when my son was 2 <3

This time I’m trying something a bit different. Instead of doling out the sneak peeks for the session through Facebook, I’m sharing them all here in this blog post.

These tractors attract the attention of every child I’ve ever met at this park.  They’re so fun to climb on, and I adore watching kids use their imagination, pretending to drive.  I especially love when mom or dad joins their little ones up there! (And see!  There goes the tongue lol.)


The wind really picked up after a while, so mom to the rescue with some mittens!


Can you tell the little guy is ready to bolt here 😀


I love when mom and dad get right into the session, and in this image, dad is hanging out behind me being hilarious. (I wish I could have peeked at what he was doing, because he sure had mom and the little one laughing!)


The rest of the gallery will be sent off to mom and dad to look over by the end of the week!  I so very much enjoyed the time I spent with this family.  I loved seeing dad chase and play with his son, and I’m in awe of this mother – she has the sweetest baby belly but she still manages to keep up with their always-moving 2 year old!  Thank you for spending the morning with me <3


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