Letters to Our Daughters – November

Each month I join a group of talented photographers who are all mothers to daughters.  We write a letter to our girls so that they can one day read about how special and loved they are.

So my sweet girl.  Another month has gone by, and these are all the photos I have to share of you.  You avoid the camera now, and have no patience for it.  I am going to have to start sneaking in your room and to catch you when you are asleep in order to have any photographic proof of your 9th year!

It was report card time again, and you brought home another fabulous one.  We’re proud of your hard work!  You are diligent about doing your homework, and getting your reading done each evening.  I had the opportunity to chat with your teacher this month, and she said you are doing so well.  The only thing she mentioned was your lack of confidence – she said often when you ask for help, she can tell that you are afraid to try it and get it wrong.  We’ve always told you that mistakes are ok.  They are fabulous learning opportunities.  She suggested finding an extra curricular activity for you that is not based on physical ability, and hopefully that will help boost your confidence a bit.  So we’re on the hunt for something you can have fun doing and feel good about too.

I have to mention your sweetness last week.  I was feeling awful for a couple of days – one of those migraines that nothing would help.  You made me a scavenger hunt, complete with little clues in your neatest handwriting.  They led to a small Halloween treat bag filled with my favourite chocolate bars.  You have the biggest, kindest heart my girl <3

I love you my little girl.  I wish sometimes I could keep you tiny and safe and snuggle you like when you were smaller, but at the same time, I love seeing your mind explode with new ideas, and the excitement you get when you figure something out.  You’re the best daughter I could ever ask for <3


The mornings are getting darker and much much colder:PIN

Despite the fact that you fight being in front of the camera, tonight you agreed to help me work with a new light:


Please follow along to the blog of the incredibly talented Stacy Millberg of Bella Grace Photography HERE!

  • Yazmin - Oh, I love that second photo. So glad she didn’t put up a fight for you to get those shots. Maybe you should get her into sewing or even… dare I say… photography? I think she’d get lots of fun and enjoyment out of both. Or, oh!… is she a logical thinker? Chess might but just what the doctor ordered!

    Have you guys come up with anything else yet?ReplyCancel

  • Bianca - I love that she tried to make you feel better, so thoughtful! Love the B&W!ReplyCancel

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