Letters to our Daughters October

Each month I join a group of talented photographers who are all mothers to daughters.  We write a letter to our girls so that they can one day read about how special and loved they are.

Happy October my sweet girl.  As I was going through my photos for the last month, I realized that you are not in very many.  You don’t love the camera, you have no patience for sitting for pictures, even if I don’t ask you to smile.  Some of these photos are ones I’ve already shared, but they are you and that is all that matters.

You said something to me the other day that broke my heart.  We were discussing how another boy at karate had said something rude to you (it was something minor, and one of those careless comments kids make, and this boy is normally very nice, as well, I think you handled it perfectly) and how you reacted.  You said ‘it’s ok, I’m used to being picked on.’   I had to ask you to repeat yourself because I hoped I had heard you wrong.  This is NOT ok.  AT ALL.   I get it, I get that kids say careless, hurtful things.  I get that teachers cannot have eyes (and ears) in the back of their heads.  But this stops, right now.  Between the rude little girl on the bus, and the boy in your class who has been picking on you since you started at that school, it’s enough.  I will do whatever is necessary to ensure you have the tools to stand up to people who are making you feel like you are less.  You are not less.  Nobody should ever say ‘it’s ok, I’m used to being picked on.’  Ever.  You are sassy, and frustrating and drive me nuts.  You are smart, and beautiful, and loving and kind.  You make mistakes, and learn from them (most of the time!).  You are brave and funny and more.  You are more, not less.  And I am always, always on your side <3


Up next in our circle is the wonderfully talented Bianca De Vries, click HERE to read her letter <3

  • Yazmin - It’s so hard to see your kid go through growing pains at the expense of another kid’s careless remarks. But with a mom like you, I’m sure she will learn how to navigate and directly address those situations when necessary. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Jana~Photography2204 - Thank you Yazmin <3ReplyCancel

  • Bianca - oh my those expressions are just gorgeous! I’m sorry.. it must be so hard to see your child hurting but you handled it wonderfully… I know with you on her side she will find a way to handle those situations. Hugs for you both!ReplyCancel

    • Jana~Photography2204 - Thank you so much Bianca <3ReplyCancel

  • Stacy - Sorry your precious girl is having to deal with this. It’s so hard to see them hurt by other children. The photos are gorgeous as always! They really seem to capture her personality!ReplyCancel

    • Jana~Photography2204 - Thank you for the kind words Stacy!ReplyCancel

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